What are my objectives for attending Content Live 2018?

Well, in the words of the event hashtag #2019sorted.  So, yes I’m attending this event to learn, be inspired and come away with my content for 2019 planned.  Not just for me but for my clients too.

With an amazing line up of speakers who all have their content nailed, I’m looking to gain some valuable CPD hours learning about how to make my content more relevant to my audience and get some ideas about the different ways of sharing this content too.

With Day 1 of the event being all about inspiration, I’ll have the chance to question every speaker and hear about how to create content that attracts leads and sales.

Day 2 is the implementation part of the event, where I’ll be getting stuck into the content planning for 2019.

So, my objectives are:

  • Connect with at least 20 new contacts at the event
  • Have my content planned for the first half of 2019
  • Have outline content planned for my clients
  • Increased my reach on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Shared the event on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Write a follow up blog about the event
  • Use the hours for my CPD to retain Chartered Marketer status in 2019

There, I’ve shared my objectives with you and would love to be held accountable to them.

I’ll also share my key takeaways from the event and let you know which speaker I felt had the greatest impact on me and my personal development.

I’m investing a lot of time and money in this event, which includes a 3 night trip to London. However having attended the event in 2017 I know that I’ll learn so much about content, planning and what’s new that it’s worth it.  I also love meeting other business owners and hearing how their year is going and the challenges they’re facing too.

Find out more about why I invest in CPD here.

How will we work together to create your marketing strategy?

How will we work together blog image Strath Comms

Now that you’ve decided to work with a marketing consultancy, how will it work? We know that you have questions, so we’ll answer some of the key ones here.  If we don’t cover them all send us a quick email and we’ll come right back to you.

Who is your main contact?

When you work with Strath Communications our founder, Jennifer Macdonald-Nethercott will be your main contact.  She’ll work closely with you to scope out what you need us to deliver for you and by when and she’ll project manage this for you.

What information do we need from you?

This can depend on what work we’ve agreed to do with you, from full marketing strategy development where we would need to know your business plan and objectives and have access to your analytics and current marketing activity.  If you’ve asked us to look after your social media, we’ll need full access to these accounts and agree a marketing budget for them.

How much time will you need to spend with us?

Initially we would have a meeting ideally face to face, otherwise over Skype and would suggest a couple of hours for this.  After this initially meeting an agreeing the scope of the work we would keep in touch with you by email and phone and would agree how much of your time we’d need. However, the reason you’ve brought us on board is so that we can free up your time to spend working on your business while we take care of your marketing.

How do you want to be communicated with and how often?

This is all down to what suites you and your business’s needs, be it by email, phone, WhatsApp or Skype.  We’re happy to use the channel that suites you and your business.

We will also provide you with a monthly report with what we’ve completed, highlight successes and what is planned for the month ahead.  You will also have a marketing plan that we’ll have created and as this is a live document we’ll share it regularly with you.  We will also share action points and wins as they arise too.

We believe that the key to successfully communicating your story to reach your customers is by communicating regularly with you too.

Want to find out more?  Contact me today.

Why should I hire a marketing consultancy

Why do I need a marketing plan?

7 ways to create your marketing plan

Why you should invest in Continuous Professional Development?

Personal development blog Strath Communications

This year I am not only building a new business, Strath Communications, but I am also making sure that my CPD is ongoing too.

So what I am doing to make sure that I am developing myself, my business and ultimately being able to share all this learning with my clients?

As a Chartered Marketer I commit to learning every year as a matter of course but this year I am looking to expand my learning to leadership and other business skills to.

Leadership Development Programme with the Institute of Directors

I started this course in May and it involves developing the strategy for my business, Strath Communications and the ‘why’ around what my business is all about.  The first session on strategy has opened my eyes to the fact that a strategy statement should be only a few sentences, so that the business can remain agile as you may have a few different strategies for internal and external parts of your business and ultimately if the business environment changes you want to be able to adapt to it.

Our last session in June was all about people and how we develop the culture within our business. It also covered how important it is to value your team and how to build the right team around you.

We covered what our Job Role is and this should apply to all employees and contractors associated with your business.  At Strath Communications ours is – create fresh, results based marketing and communications.

The course is on until the end of November so I’ll come back with the other take key learnings from it.

Content Live 2018 – 15 and 16thNovember

I am super excited about this event run by Janet Murray.  I attend her content planning event last year and from this two day event I will have the content CONtent livemapped out for my business and clients businesses for the whole of 2019.

What I’ll learn from the event is:

  • Generating content ideas. How to identify key dates/awareness days within my industry and my clients industries. She is also going to share with us how to use ‘theming’ e.g. themed months or weeks to make your content planning easier
  • Content engagement – how to plan and create content that attracts engagement every time I post
  • Content repurposing: how to create multiple pieces of content from one idea
  • Planning content for launches be this my own product launches or clients, including the key pieces of content e.g. blog posts, marketing emails, social media updates that should be created for every launch

I’ll also get a copy of Janet’s Media Diary which allows me to plan key dates and PR activity, plus being in a room full of inspirational business leaders and owners is invaluable.

My objectives from the event are to have a completed content plan for my business for 2019 and have content plans mapped out for my key clients.  It will be a busy couple of days by with inspirational speakers and attendees it will be a fun couple of days too.

There’s still time to get a ticket too just click here

With personal development, comes business development and leads to the development of my clients businesses too.

Get in touch today with any feedback.


What do we need to create your marketing strategy?

What do we need to create your marketing strategy Strath Communications

When we work together there is information that you already have and use as part of your business that make writing and developing a marketing strategy and plan, extensions of your business planning process.

The marketing strategy will only work if it is aligned to your current business  objectives.

So what do we need to be able to develop your marketing strategy?

  • Copy of your business plan and current objectives
  • Access to any market research that the business currently has on who is buying the product and the market share
  • Access to any insights such as Google Analytics/social media insights/email database
  • New product launches planned
  • Current marketing activity

Through the above we will agree the marketing priorities for the business and key target markets.  We will write the marketing strategy and plan and create a discussion document so that we can agree the strategy along with the plan in line with any sales plan.

An initial meeting to discuss the above should only take a couple of hours, plus a couple of hours preparation time on our side to find out more about your business to ensure that from our initial meeting we can create your marketing strategy and develop a marketing plan.

Strath Communications Services
What can Strath Communications offer you

We believe in results and will create a dashboard that we can review so that the marketing is on track in line with the business and sales plans.

Plans and objectives so change and being agile to be able to adapt to this when it comes to marketing is all part of a Chartered Marketers skill however it’s much easier to be flexible if there is an overall marketing and strategy to follow in the first place. It means that when adhoc opportunities come along you are much better placed to maximise on these.

Just email us with any questions you have about working with a marketing consultancy, we’d love to hear from you.

If you want to know more about why to hire a marketing consultant read our blog here. Alternatively drop us a line to find out how we can work together to grow your business here.

Why do I need a marketing plan?

Why do I need a marketing plan Strath Communications

Why do I need a marketing plan?  How do I go about writing one, as I don’t know where to start?  If you find yourself asking these questions there really is only one thing to do and that is find an expert to help you.

A marketing plan is used to grow your business and talk to your customers using the the right channels at the right time.  Ultimately it is to enable you to sell more products or services.

The marketing plan will include who your target market is and planned activity on how you’re going to communicate with them.  It will also include your marketing budget, which should be around 10% of your annual turnover.  Ensuring that you spend consistently on marketing will ensure that you ultimately meet your business objectives.

So how do you start?

Review what you do now and where you want to go with your business.  What are your target markets and where will you reach them?  From this you can create a plan and content to reach them and what budget you will need.

With a plan in place it makes it much easier to be reactive if an opportunity comes along or you have to change direction in your business due to outside market pressures.

What do you need?

The best way is to start with a calendar and mark out all your product launches, events and key dates through out the year that you already know about.  Are there any key target markets you are going after and what level of resources will you have to target them.


You will then be able to target the right channels to reach your customers and work on the right messages to get them to buy your products and services, as ultimately that’s why you’re in business, is to make a profit and solve your customers problems.

What next?

Make sure that you implement your plan consistently as this is what will generate results.


Make sure you take time to review your plan on a regular basis as it may need amended as your business develops and you start to generate results.

We’d be happy to talk to you about how to implement the above and where you should start.  Just contact us today.

or read up our blog on hiring a marketing consultancy.

Why you should have a marketing plan?

5 simple tips to kick start your marketing

Why should I hire a marketing consultancy?

Why you should hire a marketing consultant strath communications

Where do I find one?
What can they do for me?

By hiring a marketing consultancy this allows you to focus on the running of your business and developing it further.

A marketer has invested a lot of time and money into their training and development so you don’t have to. At Strath Communications, Jennifer is also a Chartered Marketer, which means a programme of CPD (continuous professional development) each year to ensure that she stays up to date with the latest issues that affect marketing today.

Marketers ensure that they are upto date with the latest trends and channels that your customers are spending time in so that you don’t have to.  The world of marketing has changed so much over the past 20 years. Facebook and Twitter weren’t around, Mark Zuckerberg was only 3 years old!

Why should you hire a marketing consultant?

They will come to your business and find out what your strategies and objectives are, who your target customers are and the best channels to reach those customers through.  A Chartered Marketer has gained this knowledge through years of training and experience to do be able to do this for you.

Where do I find one?

Through your own networks. Ask other businesses who they are working with, who are you connected with on social media, who do your friends and family know.  Have you tried Google?

These are the best ways to find someone to work with who has the same outlook as you and will want to develop and grow your business with you.  Recommendations are one things but also check out their credentials online, can you find them, do they have a website, are they on social media?

What can they do for me?

A marketing consultancy will work with you and your business to create a marketing strategy that links with your business strategy and objectives.   They can also do the following for you too:

  • Setting objectives for your marketing and ensuring that these are delivered
  • Marketing planning and implementation
  • Content marketing for your website, social media and email
  • PR management
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing
  • Product launches
  • Packaging design management

This means that you can focus on the development of your business, be that new products, making it more profitable or increasing and developing sales.

A marketing consultant will keep you involved in the marketing through regular meetings, sharing content, sharing successes and monthly reports.  Marketing is important but it is also creative and fun too and we understand this.  So will keep you involved as much or as little as you want.

What next?

Review where your business is at and where you want to go with it.  Then get in contact with us at Strath Communications and we will work with you on the next stage of your business journey.

Not ready to contact us read 5 simple steps to kick start your marketing today.

Why do you need a marketing plan?

5 simple tips to kick start your marketing

5 simple tips to kick start your marketing Strath Communications

There are some key areas you need to know to really get the most out of your marketing and communications. Once you know these areas you’ll be able to measure effectively if your marketing is working and driving traffic/enquiries/sales to your business.

  1. Know who your customers are. It is essential that you know who your target market is. Who is buying your products or services and how often?  Are they loyal and repeat consumers?
  2. Find out where your customers hang out. Is it on or offline? It’s probably both but you need to know where to be able to target them and it will give you an idea of their interests.
  3. Plan, plan and plan. You need to know what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it.  Set objectives so you can measure and get a plan put together.
  4. Create great content targeted at your ideal customer. Content is great for SEO, the Google bot and sharing across your social media platforms and email channels.
  5. Share your content everywhere, online, on your website, on your social channels in your emails.

If you don’t know where to start that’s where I can help you.   I’ll work with you to find out who your ideal customer is, where they are and develop a plan to target them.  I will even create the content and deliver this so your customers know who you are and how your product or service is right for them.

Get in touch today and we can have a chat about where you are at with your business and where you want to go and let’s build a plan to get there.

Find out more about what we can offer you too and why you should hire a marketing consultancy.

The first LinkedIn Local Inverness Event

Strath Communications at LInkedInLocal Inverness

Next week sees the first LinkedIn Local event in Inverness on Tuesday 24thApril.  I will be attending this as my first networking event since the inception of Strath Communications too!

Strath Communications attends LInkedIn Local Inverness

I love networking and meeting new people and finding out about their businesses and the background to them.  You are always guaranteed to meet someone who does something that is new to you.

But how do you get the most out of a networking event?  I always go with the aim to talk to at least 5 people I haven’t met before as well as making a target list of people I’ve heard of but would like to know more about their business.  This way I come away with new connections and have a better understanding of businesses in the area.

Networking events are also a great way to re-connect with people you haven’t seen for a while, especially if you have something new to share, a new development in your business or a new product or service.  For me this will be the launch of my new business, Strath Communications and how I will be delivering results based marketing and communications to food and drink businesses.

I am looking forward to speaking to businesses and finding out more about what challenges and opportunities they have for growing their business.

The LinkedIn Local Inverness event is being organised by the team at Tuminds Social Media. #LinkedInLocalInverness

What can we offer you?

results based marketing and communications Strath Communications

We will work with you to define your objectives, develop a strategy and plan and implement each element.

Strath Communications Services
What can Strath Communications offer you

Find out more about how we got started here

And you can contact us for more information today.

Why Strath Communications?

Today, 11th April 2018 I’ve started Strath Communications as I believe there is a need for marketing and communications to focus on results and ensuring that businesses grow off the back of a planned marketing strategy that links with business objectives.

So what can you expect

I will be delivering marketing and communications to food and drink businesses that is based on your business and who your target customer is, both trade and consumer.

How will it work?

We will sit down and discuss where your business is and where you want to go with it.  I will then create your marketing strategy and objectives alongside a plan that will deliver your business objectives.

What will I deliver?

I will look after all your marketing and communications from strategy, planning and implementation to content creation and PR.  With my experience I can also ensure that your packaging is on brand and delivered on time for your new product launches.  I will also look after your key social media channels and website so that your customers know what you are doing and when.

With experience of working with design and digital agencies all your marketing will be delivered on time and within your agreed budget.

What next?

All you need to do now is give me a call on 07738 966588 or email me jennifer@strathcomms.co.uk and we can meet up to discuss where your business is at and where you are wanting to take it and how I can help you get there.

And link up with me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter  for more on marketing, communications in food and drink.