How will we work together to create your marketing strategy?

Now that you’ve decided to work with a marketing consultancy, how will it work? We know that you have questions, so we’ll answer some of the key ones here.  If we don’t cover them all send us a quick email and we’ll come right back to you.

Who is your main contact?

When you work with Strath Communications our founder, Jennifer Macdonald-Nethercott will be your main contact.  She’ll work closely with you to scope out what you need us to deliver for you and by when and she’ll project manage this for you.

What information do we need from you?

This can depend on what work we’ve agreed to do with you, from full marketing strategy development where we would need to know your business plan and objectives and have access to your analytics and current marketing activity.  If you’ve asked us to look after your social media, we’ll need full access to these accounts and agree a marketing budget for them.

How much time will you need to spend with us?

Initially we would have a meeting ideally face to face, otherwise over Skype and would suggest a couple of hours for this.  After this initially meeting an agreeing the scope of the work we would keep in touch with you by email and phone and would agree how much of your time we’d need. However, the reason you’ve brought us on board is so that we can free up your time to spend working on your business while we take care of your marketing.

How do you want to be communicated with and how often?

This is all down to what suites you and your business’s needs, be it by email, phone, WhatsApp or Skype.  We’re happy to use the channel that suites you and your business.

We will also provide you with a monthly report with what we’ve completed, highlight successes and what is planned for the month ahead.  You will also have a marketing plan that we’ll have created and as this is a live document we’ll share it regularly with you.  We will also share action points and wins as they arise too.

We believe that the key to successfully communicating your story to reach your customers is by communicating regularly with you too.

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