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An about us page can only tell you so much about the business or person you’re about to work with. So, I’ve created this blog which has more about me and my experience.

I went to Glasgow Caledonian University in the mid 90’s to study Leisure Management.  At this time, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but it gave me the opportunity to live in a city I love and work in the USA for 6 months.

During this time, I spent it working in the hospitality and tourism industry, eventually deciding in 2006 that I wanted a 9-5 job and my weekends back!  However, I did do a variety of jobs from life guard to ski instructor and event organisation, it was never a dull time and taught me the importance of customer service.  The customer may always be right as they have generally worked hard and paid a lot of money to enjoy their leisure time, so yes, they do want more in return.  And now in our world of instant gratification this has become more important if you are in the service industry.

I then moved into a marketing role within the automotive industry.  Again, very customer focused but also tied to meeting sales targets every quarter.  The planning was in quarterly cycles with two spikes every year around new car registrations.  It did mean we were reactive rather than entirely planned however it meant I had to be creative fast.

During this time the advent of social media arrived, and online marketing was being pushed as a skill on its own.  It certainly meant I could talk to our customers in a way that gets instant response and creates conversations.  Now in 2019 we’ve become used to getting a response from business almost instantly. However, your business now needs to ensure its tone of voice and branding runs through all communications channels too.

After nearly 10 years in the automotive industry I took a marketing manager’s role in the world of food and drink and worked with FMCG brands.  Being the brand guardian meant I had more flexibility with campaigns and talking direct to customers.  It also led to working in a variety of export markets and dealing with Highlands and Islands Enterprise who supported the business.

From this role it gave me the marketing knowledge and ambition to set up my own business.  I have a very clear outline of who I want to work with – entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business and get in front of more customers more often.  They’ll be working in their own business but needing to outsource key roles so that they can get back to building and developing their business.

If this is you.  Give me a call today about how I can create and implement your marketing strategy and plan so you can continue to develop and grow your business.

I am based in Grantown on Spey, near Aviemore and work throughout Inverness, the Highlands, Moray and Elgin.


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