What do we need to create your marketing strategy?

When we work together there is information that you already have and use as part of your business that make writing and developing a marketing strategy and plan, extensions of your business planning process.

The marketing strategy will only work if it is aligned to your current business  objectives.

So what do we need to be able to develop your marketing strategy?

  • Copy of your business plan and current objectives
  • Access to any market research that the business currently has on who is buying the product and the market share
  • Access to any insights such as Google Analytics/social media insights/email database
  • New product launches planned
  • Current marketing activity

Through the above we will agree the marketing priorities for the business and key target markets.  We will write the marketing strategy and plan and create a discussion document so that we can agree the strategy along with the plan in line with any sales plan.

An initial meeting to discuss the above should only take a couple of hours, plus a couple of hours preparation time on our side to find out more about your business to ensure that from our initial meeting we can create your marketing strategy and develop a marketing plan.

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We believe in results and will create a dashboard that we can review so that the marketing is on track in line with the business and sales plans.

Plans and objectives so change and being agile to be able to adapt to this when it comes to marketing is all part of a Chartered Marketers skill however it’s much easier to be flexible if there is an overall marketing and strategy to follow in the first place. It means that when adhoc opportunities come along you are much better placed to maximise on these.

Just email us with any questions you have about working with a marketing consultancy, we’d love to hear from you.

If you want to know more about why to hire a marketing consultant read our blog here. Alternatively drop us a line to find out how we can work together to grow your business here.

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