Why do I need a marketing plan?

Why do I need a marketing plan?  How do I go about writing one, as I don’t know where to start?  If you find yourself asking these questions there really is only one thing to do and that is find an expert to help you.

A marketing plan is used to grow your business and talk to your customers using the the right channels at the right time.  Ultimately it is to enable you to sell more products or services.

The marketing plan will include who your target market is and planned activity on how you’re going to communicate with them.  It will also include your marketing budget, which should be around 10% of your annual turnover.  Ensuring that you spend consistently on marketing will ensure that you ultimately meet your business objectives.

So how do you start?

Review what you do now and where you want to go with your business.  What are your target markets and where will you reach them?  From this you can create a plan and content to reach them and what budget you will need.

With a plan in place it makes it much easier to be reactive if an opportunity comes along or you have to change direction in your business due to outside market pressures.

What do you need?

The best way is to start with a calendar and mark out all your product launches, events and key dates through out the year that you already know about.  Are there any key target markets you are going after and what level of resources will you have to target them.


You will then be able to target the right channels to reach your customers and work on the right messages to get them to buy your products and services, as ultimately that’s why you’re in business, is to make a profit and solve your customers problems.

What next?

Make sure that you implement your plan consistently as this is what will generate results.


Make sure you take time to review your plan on a regular basis as it may need amended as your business develops and you start to generate results.

We’d be happy to talk to you about how to implement the above and where you should start.  Just contact us today.

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