Why you should invest in Continuous Professional Development?

This year I am not only building a new business, Strath Communications, but I am also making sure that my CPD is ongoing too.

So what I am doing to make sure that I am developing myself, my business and ultimately being able to share all this learning with my clients?

As a Chartered Marketer I commit to learning every year as a matter of course but this year I am looking to expand my learning to leadership and other business skills to.

Leadership Development Programme with the Institute of Directors

I started this course in May and it involves developing the strategy for my business, Strath Communications and the ‘why’ around what my business is all about.  The first session on strategy has opened my eyes to the fact that a strategy statement should be only a few sentences, so that the business can remain agile as you may have a few different strategies for internal and external parts of your business and ultimately if the business environment changes you want to be able to adapt to it.

Our last session in June was all about people and how we develop the culture within our business. It also covered how important it is to value your team and how to build the right team around you.

We covered what our Job Role is and this should apply to all employees and contractors associated with your business.  At Strath Communications ours is – create fresh, results based marketing and communications.

The course is on until the end of November so I’ll come back with the other take key learnings from it.

Content Live 2018 – 15 and 16thNovember

I am super excited about this event run by Janet Murray.  I attend her content planning event last year and from this two day event I will have the content CONtent livemapped out for my business and clients businesses for the whole of 2019.

What I’ll learn from the event is:

  • Generating content ideas. How to identify key dates/awareness days within my industry and my clients industries. She is also going to share with us how to use ‘theming’ e.g. themed months or weeks to make your content planning easier
  • Content engagement – how to plan and create content that attracts engagement every time I post
  • Content repurposing: how to create multiple pieces of content from one idea
  • Planning content for launches be this my own product launches or clients, including the key pieces of content e.g. blog posts, marketing emails, social media updates that should be created for every launch

I’ll also get a copy of Janet’s Media Diary which allows me to plan key dates and PR activity, plus being in a room full of inspirational business leaders and owners is invaluable.

My objectives from the event are to have a completed content plan for my business for 2019 and have content plans mapped out for my key clients.  It will be a busy couple of days by with inspirational speakers and attendees it will be a fun couple of days too.

There’s still time to get a ticket too just click here

With personal development, comes business development and leads to the development of my clients businesses too.

Get in touch today with any feedback.