Friday Marketing Live

Looking for a place to ask a quick marketing question?  Looking for some feedback on a campaign or your content?

During Covid-19 now is the time to be marketing your business and speaking to your clients and customers.

I’ll be hosting Friday Marketing Live Season 1 on Friday 24th April and Friday 1st May where you can pop in and ask away.  We’ll be looking at what you’re planning at the moment, if you’re wanting to bounce some social media content ideas around and why you should be keeping in touch with your current clients and customers.

These sessions are for you if you’re a business owner, marketing executive or just starting out on your business journey.  I’ll be pulling together the group and you’ll have the opportunity to ask and listen.

I’ll be hosting on zoom so just click here and I’ll share the link.

I’ve been looking at a way that I can share some of my experience to help you through this time and hosting a drop in session made sense.  I want to share my experience so that you can feel confident about your marketing and communications at this time.